The Year of The Child – To mom or not to mom?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store. I was stopped literally 10 times so that people could look at the babies. At the check-out line, the cashier literally stopped scanning my items, came out from behind the desk and talked to me about the babies for 5 minutes. As much as I love talking about having twins, generally I want to keep them moving when we are out and about, so turning 10 minute grocery trips into a series of dialogues with strangers isn’t terribly appealing.

The conversation generally goes like this:

“Wow are those twins!?”


“How old are they?”

“5 months”

“Wow… you really have your hands full. It’s so nice of you to give their Mom a break!” (or some variation on this)

Every dialogue like this ends with this “Choose Your Own Adventure” for me.

Option A: Correct them. Explain that they don’t have a mom, but two dads. Then have to continue to dialogue with this stranger as they ask a whole slew of additional questions, or dig themselves out of the hole by telling you how great they think it is that two men have chosen to have babies.

Option B: Smile and keep walking.

I actually oscillate between these two responses. On one hand I hate how people automatically assume that there is a Mom at home. I’m very proud that Orrin and I are raising these babies, and have no problem correcting everyone (which will help them to think twice before the next time they make these sorts of assumptions). On the other hand, I get stopped ALL THE TIME with the twins. People have some sort of strange fascination with twins, and I do just want to keep going with my day.

So what’s the right thing to do? Help make the world a more open minded place by explaining the situation to every cashier who wants to see the kids? Or help make my day more sane by trying to keep these conversations as short as possible?

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