The Year of The Child – Ch-ch-changes

Well… we started solid foods.

Picture this, after months of feeding TWO children, 5-8 times per day EACH and just finally having mastered (mostly) bottle feeding, your doctor tells you that you should ADD two additional feeds each day using cereal and a spoon. My heart sank a little.

It didn’t turn out so badly. I had visions of two screaming children and cereal flying all over my living room. But there was definitely confusion: What is this in my mouth? What do I do with it? Spit it out? Swallow it and hope that I live?

It’s been a week. We are all slowly getting the hang of it. Our son has taken to it quite nicely. Our daughter still isn’t sure about it. Her preference is to hold the spoon (which she is terrible at) and to feed herself (which she is terrible at). I have taken to cleaning lots of oatmeal out of her hair and eyes.

So what’s the moral of the story? Mostly, I’m just amazed at how quickly we can learn and change. Here are two babies who for their whole lives (5 months) thought that food came exclusively from bottles and in liquid form. And then when I put clumpy oatmeal into their mouths for the first time, they figured out what to do with it and their world changed. As adults, do we ever get to experience new things in such a profound way as we did when we were babies? In one moment you can suddenly realize that so much more is possible.


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