Chris Sams’ Triple Threat

Today is the first say of rehearsals for Once On This IslandA love story for all ages, this Ahrens and Flaherty musical tells the story of Ti Moune, a dark skinned peasant woman who must navigate the forces of love and death when she falls in love with the lighter skinned, upper-class man Daniel. Chris Sams plays Daniel, the conflicted (anti)hero at the centre of the show’s love triangle. Will Daniel choose between his love for Ti Moune, or his duty to love Andrea? And, much more importantly, what did Chris choose as his favorite musicals of all time?

What musical’s score will you always remember?

Les Miserables. Every time I hear music from the show, I think to myself how amazing it would be to be in a production of it one day. So if anyone would like produce it and then cast me in it, that would be amazing 🙂

What musical’s book will you always remember?

I was lucky enough to see the original cast of Book of Mormon on Broadway. And as a big South Park fan it’s something I really enjoyed. The entire company had me roaring with laughter the entire show. One of the best nights out at the theatre I’ve ever had!

What musical’s choreography will you always remember?

Bill T. Jones’ choreography for Spring Awakening was beautiful. Every time I listen to the song “Touch <e” I am reminded that choreography is more than dance steps. And can evoke a great deal of emotion paired with music (sometimes without).

You’re on a desert island and can only bring one cast recording. Which one do you choose?

The ’09 cast recording of Hair is a something I can listen to on repeat, day after day after day. I saw the production three times (once on Broadway, twice in Toronto) I was lucky enough to be in a production at The Grand Theatre in London. One of my favourite theatre experiences thus far!

What is your guiltiest pleasure musical?

Legally Blonde. Omigod you guys!

What movie or book would you love to see musicalized?

My friend Michael and I (shout out to Michael Vanhevel) think The Nightmare Before Christmas needs to be made into a musical. Or maybe Home Alone.

What is your dream role that you’ll never get to play?

Effie White. But I’m still holding on to hope that it might happen… Someday.

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