Carner & Gregor Playlist (according to Alexis)

Carner & Gregor

Alexis Gordon, one of our Banks Prize winners, initiates a new Musical Notes feature: the Playlist! Featuring a different composer for each post, we’ll bring you a rundown of their greatest hits and why you should have their songs on your portable music device.

1) “So Far From Pennsylvania”

Canada’s Dorothy, Danielle Wade, sings C&G’s smash hit “So Far From Pennsylvania”

2) 8 Bar Audition Song

What to do when the audition panel cuts your song down to EIGHT bars?! This!

3) “Tie Me Up”

Saucy, sassy and sublime. Hair’s Andrew Kober (with Sarah Smith!) sings “Tie Me Up” at C&G’s latest NYC youth “Barely Legal” concert

Tonight at 7PM, Carner and Gregor’s Island Song is receiving a performance at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC! Luckily, us Canadians have the chance to watch the live stream here. Checkout their Website and Facebook page for more details.

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