Author: Thomas Swayne

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Spring Awakening

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to see Spring Awakening in New York during its original Broadway run but when the show went on tour I made sure to get a ticket at its stop in Toronto.  Being a student at the time, I purchased the cheapest ticket available which put me in the last row of the Canon (now Ed Mirvish) theatre.  For a show that embraced intimacy with the audience, I felt very disconnected being so far back and was not looking forward to seeing the show at the distance I was. In a lucky turn of events, two people who bought stage seats (as seen in the video, the show’s design included bleacher setting on either side of the stage) did not show up in time and the ushers reached out to the sad folk in the last row to replace them.  After literally running through the theatre onto the stage in about three minutes, the lights came down and the show began.  More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Promises Promises

After a two month hiatus, Thomas Tony Tuesdays is back!

To celebrate its triumphant return, I have decided to reach deep into the wonderful world of Tony performances and bring out one of the most fantastic holiday themed numbers ever performed.

What time is it? IT’S TURKEY LURKEY TIME! More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Legally Blonde

While Thomas is on leave for the next few weeks, Nathaniel will be sharing with you his favorite Tony moments.

Ok, so I’m actually going to bend the rules in my very first post by presenting a) TWO video clips from the same show and b) one of which being a Olivier performance. 

Thomas – you can hash it out with me when you’re back in the office! More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – 9 to 5

This week I am going to cheat a little bit.  The performance I have chosen is not from the actual Tony Awards broadcast but it is from the pre-broadcast…so that counts…right? More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Les Miserables

A scene from Les Miserables

In celebration of its return to Toronto, this week’s performance will be from Les Miserables.

It’s incredible to think that it has been over 25 years since the original production in Europe and Les Mis is still one of the most beloved shows in the world. More