Author: Thomas Swayne

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Acceptance Speeches

Well ladies and gentleman, today marks the last Tony Tuesday blog from me.  For this last entry, I wanted to veer away from Tony performances and instead look to the most iconic, strange, and beautiful acceptance speeches in Tony history.


Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Avenue Q

While my list of “favourite musicals” constantly evolves as more shows are written, the one constant over the past decade has to be Avenue Q. This brilliant show was conceived by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx with a book by Jeff Whitty (Bring It On) and direction from Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect).  Avenue Q has to be among the funniest shows ever written. More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Hugh Jackman

And for the fifth time in six years, the host for this year’s Tony Awards is Neil Patrick H…wait…he’s not hosting? Who is? Someone new?! No? Hugh Jackman again? Okay!


Thomas Tony Tuesdays – RENT

Because of the long break since the last blog, I thought we should go back to basics and look at a show that for many of us started our passion for theatre.

Can you guess what it is?


Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Grease

I love Grease. I played Danny Zuko in my school production, I always watch it when I see it on TV, and I get a joy out of seeing it on stage no matter how good or bad it is.