A Craigslist Cabaret Contest – Jennifer Walls

Here’s Jennifer Walls performing her very own performative interpretation of a Craigslist Missed Connection. Record your own, and not only can you headline our very special Craigslist Cabaret (after A Craigslist Cantata) on February 13, but you also get to be Jennifer’s very own special guest at SINGular Sensation. For more information and the complete prize package – including 8 tickets to Acting Up Stage and Factory productions – click here

Please send your performance (musical, dramatic, dance or other) of any Craigslist Ad with “Craigslist Cabaret” in the subject line to info@actingupstage.com. Please include your name, phone number and a link to the Craigslist ad being performed. The deadline to submit to A Craigslist Cabaret Contest is January 18, 2013. Please note that Acting Up Stage Company and Factory Theatre reserve the right to publish, promote or otherwise disseminate all submissions.

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