Month: October 2016

Introducing the 2016/2017 Banks Prize Winners!

Get to know our 2016/2017 Syd and Shirley Banks Prize winners! We caught up with Arinea Hermans and Jahlen Barnes as they prepare for their Acting Up Stage debut in UnCovered: Queen & Bowie.


Triple Threat: Melissa O’Neil

Get to know some of our favourite artists! Triple Threat is a regular feature that reveals which musicals and musical experiences left indelible impressions on the performers, musicians, and actors involved in Acting Up Stage productions.
Up next, Melissa O’Neil!


Musical Musings: 525,600 Minutes with Kevin Wong

It’s Kevin the Intern with the sequel to my first wildly successful partially acknowledged blog entry, or, as I shall now call this:

Volume 2: Love Never Dies (Except Love Totally Can Die and Does Die All the Time, Usually Owing to Some Kind of Irreconcilable Difference)

(Sidebar, that Andrew Lloyd Webber sure writes some earworms, eh?)


Putting it Together

This time of year, I spend most of my days working at Reza Jacob’s music studio on Queen West. Set on the second floor of a three-story building, with apartments above and retail below, Reza’s studio has serious character with walls covered in mirrors and an old style bar tucked in the corner of the room hiding a sloped floor. Each day, we meet with one of the artists in UnCovered: Queen & Bowie. Starting with only a lyric sheet and a few ideas, a glorious, new arrangement of a Queen or Bowie song emerges through experimentation and collaboration within a few short hours.