Month: January 2015

Alessia Lupiano: My Banks Prize experience so far…

Now that rehearsals have begun for The Wild Party, we’re checking in with this year’s Banks Prize recipients to see how their development into musical theatre superstars is going… More

Watch Cara Ricketts sing “Welcome to My Party”!

Queenie is very, very happy to see you at her party and wants to tell you all about it. More

Una Vida, Co-Presented by Acting Up Stage and the Toronto Black Film Festival

Acting Up Stage Company is very excited and proud to be co-presenting a film at this year’s Toronto Black Film FestivalUna Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind is playing on Saturday, February 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the AGO’s Jackman Hall, with a very special tribute to legendary actor Bill Cobbs!   More

Here’s why you should pick up a Wild Party flyer – NOW

Now that our flyers for The Wild Party are about to be unleashed into the city of Toronto, word about the show is about to spread like wildfire! Keep your eyes peeled for these beauties in your neighbourhood soon, and be sure to pick one up. Not only are they full of key information about our upcoming production of The Wild Party, but the team at Acting Up Stage discovered a fun trick you can do with one… More

How to get rich fast – don’t work in the arts

Recently I have read several articles, all coming out of the UK, discussing the low income of artists. In her column (which I love) Lyn Gardner suggested that theatre directors have been subsidizing theatre in the United Kingdom, with half of them earning less than £5,000 a year. Susan Jones also recently published an article in The Guardian looking at artists’ fees across several well-developed countries, including Canada, noting that artists are generally paid less than the average national income. In Canada for example, she notes that a typical Canadian artist earned $20,000 per year which is 74% of the national income.