Month: January 2014

Bree Greig’s Triple Threat

The tour of Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata is well underway, having opened to rave reviews in Calgary and heading off to Edmonton this week. While the cast was beginning to pack up their suitcases to head on, we got them to each sit down with us and share their favorite musical theatre memories. First up is Bree Greig, who many of you will remember for her delightful blend of wacky, sexy and coloratura in our production last year at Factory… and, of course, for her standout delivery of “300 Penguins.” 

What musical’s score will you always remember?

Why is answering this so hard…there are so many choices!!!!  Here’s one I’ve always loved: Candide. Bernstein’s lush orchestrations accompany all kinds of singing-the gentle intuitive tenor solo of “It Must Be So”, the flitty duet of “Oh Happy We”, the showstopper extravaganza “Glitter and Be Gay” (my personal favorite which I’m dying to perform the role of Candide…*hint *hint*nudge *nudge!), and the all encompassing “Make Our Garden Grow.” Stunningly beautiful, all of it!!!

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Throwback Thursdays – Selina Martin and Daren A. Herbert on A Craigslist Cantata

It’s getting busy in our offices, with both  Once On This Island and the tour of A Craigslist Cantata opening tomorrow night! For today’s throwback, we asked Selina Martin (who is currently in Calgary getting ready for the next step in the amazing online-classified musical journey) and Daren A. Herbert (who has traded in his dead deer for Papa Ge’s headdress) to take a moment to reflect on this shot from last year’s incredible production at Factory Theatre. 

Dmitry Chepovetsky, Bree Greig, Selina Martin and Daren A. Herbert in Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata (2013)
Photography by Joanna Akyol

Daren webDaren: You can barely see her, off to the left in the photo, but that show was my introduction to the genius of Veda Hille. Veda, along with Bill Richardson and director Ami Gladstone, created this freaky homage to the power of anonymity and the frailty of many of us users on the “interweb.” I came into it with some idea of all the laughs we’d probably get, but I was not prepared for the heartache that I recognized in some of the material. Veda’s music distilled and magnified it all. Awe inspiring. 

Selina MartinSelina: The pole! That darn pole. That’s what I think about when I see this photo. There were many chunks of rehearsal time taken up by trying to figure out how to keep the pole straight as well as trying to keep the pole out of the way of the lights. Keeping it straight was definitely difficult. We had to physically remember how straight or bent our arms were and what angle they were at, at the same time as hitting our marks and delivering the song with energy and intention. There were always slight discrepancies in the pole level. Ami had to stop run-through’s repeatedly to work on it.

It looks like we almost got it right here. Almost.

This photo also makes me miss the rest of the cast.

We had a lot of fun together working on this show.


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